4x4 services

Tru Automotive was born out of the off-road community. It is Tru's goal to enhance your off-road experience by providing the best products available and excellent customer service combined with the extensive off-road knowledge of our employees. Wherever your trail might take you, we want to help you get there.


We are here to help you build your custom transfer case, rebuild your current transfer case or install your aftermarket transfer case to ensure you have the correct and properly working equipment when you need it most! Don't get stuck on the trail with the wrong or faulty equipment, let Tru Automotive make sure you're running at peak performance so you won't get stuck in the middle of no where with no repair shop in site.


When off-roading, one of the biggest concerns is getting power to the ground to get over the toughest obstacles. The proper gearing and differential setups will ensure that you drive over the obstacles instead of slipping and sliding down them.

Frame Sliders

Frame Sliders are an important part of body protection. Frame sliders protect the side panels and frame of your vehicle from rocky terrain as you drive off-road. The best way to keep your off-road vehicle in great condition is to prevent body damage before it happens. Call us today and we can help design the body armor that will work best for you and your vehicle.

Gears & Lockers


Having the correct gear ratios for a bigger tire is not only important for off-road capability, it's also important to the on-road drivability of your vehicle. We can help you choose the gear set that will deliver the best off-road performance and daily drivability.


Lockers are an important element to off-road vehicles. Lockers help prevent loss of traction while on the trail. If you are looking to add lockers to your off-road rig, we can help you choose the locker that will work best for you and your vehicle.